The Aintree Godly Play room

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One of my main attractions when I applied to become vicar of St Giles Aintree was the Godly Play room – there aren’t many about! Last week I went on the three-day core training. This morning I set about sorting the various stories out.

Here’s the current layout.

Focal shelf Focal shelf

Parables Parables shelf

Sacred stories Sacred story shelf

There are definitely some problems. The sacred stories are all bunched up, with the last few on the shelf beneath, and there are several empty shelves. The easy option would be to spread them out over two shelves, but I’m not sure about that, especially because the books of the Bible belong at the end of the OT sacred stories.

Similarly, the parables shelf looks very dull, because it only has the six golden boxes on it!

There are also various missing pieces, and the Holy Family is the old one, and is nowhere nearly as nice as the new one!

There are also various pieces I found that I can’t identify from any of the books I have, or from the diagrams on the Godly Play website. Here’s a Facebook album of them. If you can identify any of these pieces, please let me know…