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‘I’m OK’

5 minute read

This morning, James and I spent a couple of hours at Oakleigh Park Station. We stood on one side of the tracks and a couple of other clergy from neighbouring...

Lecture on the Gospel of Mark

less than 1 minute read

This morning at St Mary’s, East Barnet, I gave a lecture on the Gospel according to St Mark.

O Clavis David

6 minute read

Preached at St Mary the Virgin, East Barnet, on the Third Sunday of Advent, 2014

We will remember them

5 minute read

Preached at Barnet Brookside Methodist Church (part of the East Barnet Anglican-Methodist Partnership) on Remembrance Day, 2014

Thinking about ‘justice’

3 minute read

I’m currently at the St Albans diocesan clergy conference (#StAClergy14 on Twitter) and this morning we had Sam Wells talking to us about justice (he’s talki...